Cousin's got a new pup!

My brother's family got a puppy! She is a labradoodle, but heavy on the doodle. Her name is Luna Lovegood Hodge and she is adorable. She does great with the kids and the kids are learning to be good with her. Our kiddos were a bit more hesitant, but they have done surprisingly well. Unless they're tired. Then it doesn't go so well. But we're working on it! I don't think a dog is in our near future (if ever) but it is fun to be able to have access to one so close.
Arden is adorable.
Charlie's throwing form is on point.


Great Grands Weekend

 Holy cow! What a couple of weeks. We started potty training Charlie this past weekend, Andy just worked a 48 hour shift, and it's gotten very cold. We had both sets of grandparents (from Andy's side) stay with us on consecutive weekends right before all the crazy happened. We didn't take any photos except these two, I'm always angry with myself for not taking enough photos. It has been so much fun to host guests! The kids LOVE having somebody stay with us, and Charlie will always give you the tour of your room. It's his favorite.
I'm hoping to post some more updates on how potty training and how everything else is going, but in the meantime, here is Pip and her Great Grandpa Bob.