Disc Golf

One thing that we didn't do enough of last year was disc golf. We had done it quite a bit before I was pregnant with Charlie, and during my pregnancy we still went, but not quite as much. And last year I didn't even go once, which is not saying a ton, but it's a pretty fun activity that I'm glad we're getting back into. It's free (now that we have our discs) and it's an enjoyable time outside with the kids. Plus, they put in a playground right by the course so we can let Charlie run around there when we've finished. Pip has just started riding in the stroller and enjoys just sitting and watching everything, so she's easy! Here's to more disc golf in our future!


Weekly Portrait Catch-up

Charlie, 2 years: His prize from the Easter Egg Hunt 
Charlie: He either gives this face or squints his eyes when taking his picture
Charlie, 2 years: Charlie, the ring bearer (photo credit: Black Lab Productions)
Charlie, 2 years: Has an obsession with balls 
Pip, 16 weeks: Started rolling over!
Charlie, 2 years: Just playing with some watercolors
Pip, 18 weeks: Sleeping away and getting a pretty good indent from that headband
Charlie, 2 years: Getting him to smile for pictures consisted of people playing peek-a-boo 
Pip, 20 weeks: Such a great face


Firefighter Day

A few weekends ago there was a "firefighter day" up at one of our local stations. They had all kinds of activities for the kiddos and they even had a helicopter land in the parking lot and then let the kids get inside! It was tons of fun and the kids got all kinds of free gadgets that will be thrown away in the next few weeks. One of my favorite parts was this combat challenge for the kids to go through and I wish that Charlie could have gone through that thing all day, because he loved it. First they had to climb up and down a ladder and then they crawled through this little tunnel and then it ended with them spraying water on "fire" in the windows. Very clever and I kind of want to make one for Charlie. The whole day was a get to know your fire department day and I'd say it was a huge success. And the free pizza and Starbucks had nothing to do with it ;)
Side note: Charlie was deathly afraid of Sparky and Smokey. Helicopters=awesome. Costume characters=no way.


Mother's Day

This is only a week late, which means we're catching up! Yay! These photos are from Mother's Day when we had a family BBQ and relaxed at Andy's mom's house. The above photo does not show how much fun Charlie had, but trust me, he did enjoy himself. If there is dirt and a shovel he will be busy for the rest of the day.
Ben and his girls


Family Photo Meltdowns

These are becoming some of my very favorite photos. As you can see, Charlie does not enjoy taking photos with people, he's actually fine by himself (most of the time). So these are the kinds of pictures that we end up with if we are not offering food after every picture. I love them and I'm going to keep on collecting them so that I can offer him a book when he's older. Or maybe I'll just keep it.
This is one of my favorites. The classic lie down and cry.

Family Easter

Something that has absolutely nothing to do with these photos is that we decided to get Charlie some Nerf guns yesterday. And they didn't go super well. Charlie loves them, of course, but he also shot himself directly in the eye while trying to load it. Also he might of had a mark on his neck from when Andy accidentally shot him. It was a pretty successful evening.
On another note we've started to go on bike rides and Charlie really enjoys them. We've been going to our parks after dinner and just letting him run wild and get all his energy out. It's probably going to become our regular after dinner activity. Plus the closest park to us only takes a few minutes to bike to! 
So here are some photos from our family Easter get together. Enjoy!
Dying some eggs. Line's hair is also my favorite.
All of the kiddos got one of these flyers and they were a hit. If it didn't break right away.