Saturday Adventures

I have once again gotten out of the habit of taking photos. I think it is mostly due to the fact that Andy has been working and hasn't been coming with me and taking photos. It's definitely not my fault though. Just in case you were wondering. But enough about me, here are some photos of little Charles. On Saturday we decided to go to the Perry Street Fair for the first time. First we walked through the booths, then we went to the playground and stared at other children playing, and then we ended it by staring at other children jumping in the bounce houses. If Charlie was older and a little braver I would have put him in, but I think he would have just cried. But after the fair we went home and got to play with the hose, which is Charlie's absolute favorite past time.

Also he loves to chase the neighborhood cats.


Couer d'Alene

It turns out that we decided to take about zero pictures of our day trip to Coeur d'Alene, oh well, what are you gonna do? We played in the park for a bit before eating our picnic lunches and then most of us played in the lake. Charlie desperately needed a nap so I ended up walking him around the park until he fell asleep and then hanging out in the shade while he slept. I missed out on the water, but I didn't mind it. The day was nice and the breeze was fantastic. It turned out to be an extremely relaxing day for me and zero sunburns over here!


Riverfront Park

While my brother was in town we decided to head down to Riverfront Park and spend the day there. It turned out to be super fun! Charlie did pretty well on the rides, mostly he was just unsure about them. Didn't hate them, but didn't enjoy them either. Surprisingly the one ride that he really didn't like was the carousel. He didn't mind being held or sitting down on the bench with me, but being up on the horses really freaked him out. But Kennedy is a little daredevil! She loved all of them and went on the Scrambler multiple times. I was very impressed.
Line was definitely not impressed with this one.
Teacups were a nice safe ride
Cooling the kiddies off


Trip to Bend

These few pictures are from our trip to Oregon. My mom's side of the family is pretty much all here, except a brother who lives in Colorado, but he was able to make it for the wedding! I would say that we were too busy to take photos but I think we were just too relaxed most of the time. So here are the few photos to remember those few days by.
This is where Charlie was 98% of the time.



 These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of busy and family. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I also have been loving getting back to our normal schedule. I finally got around to going through our photos from our trips. I give you Seattle.
 I know I'm biased, but seriously, this kid is the cutest
 In love with sand and that shovel
 Found a little crab
 and a hermit crab


Trains, trains, trains

Seattle you were relaxing and cool. Bend you were busy and hot. Andy prefers the first kind of vacation and I prefer the second, although Andy does need something to do, but he'd rather it be busy of tasks and not people. I enjoy people and sitting around while on vacation. Charlie just enjoys running around and playing in water or dirt. He doesn't care if there are people there or not. All this to say that we just got back from a very nice vacation last week. We spent a few days in Seattle with Andy's grandparents and then drove down to Bend to spend some time with my family and go to a wedding. Needless to say, today I am doing laundry and trying to stay cool.
These pictures have nothing to do with our vacation, they were actually taken beforehand but he's just so darned cute. His favorite thing to do with trains is sit on the track and then rip it apart. Line does not enjoy this kind of train play.