Sullivan Lake Part 2

Lake Sullivan is a beautiful lake. It was clear and cold with a floating dock! Which, if you didn't know, floating docks are the bomb. Oh yea, I said it, bomb. We didn't get to play king of the raft because others were there when we were swimming and that would have been a bit awkward. Instead we all sat on the logs and floated to the buoys. I love swimming in lakes. Something about them are just so great. Reminds me of going to Shasta Lake and Whiskey Town growing up. Good times were had at those lakes.
 Most of the camping trip was centered around the camp fire and telling Daniel and Line to stay out of each other's bubbles. This is a perfect picture of that not happening :)
 We went on a very short hike and then came back for swimming!
 Other than logs there was this random raft type thing on the beach. Max had a good time on that thing.
 Little Buda baby.
 Daniel is always styling, even when swimming.
(Liz unfortunately left early and missed the group picture)


Sullivan Lake Part 1

This past weekend we went to a different lake to camp, we went to Sullivan Lake. We've been to this same campsite for the past few years (I think years). Last year at this site is when we made the announcement that we were expecting Mr. Charles. It's a good memory, except for all the rain. It rained a lot last year. This year the weather was MUCH better. This is kind of the family camping trip and everyone got to come! At first we weren't sure Liz was going to make it because she had something else planned but she was able to make it! Yay!
 The kids helping cut some firewood. And Daniel with his eyepatch (cutest thing ever).
 She's getting so big! Meaning both chubby and older :)
 Finally played Settlers of Catan on Ben's new board.


Indian Creek Camping

Camping. Gotta love it. These pictures are from two weeks ago when we went to Indian Creek, which is just by Lion Head where we went before. This time we got to go with a bigger group, three of which were last minute add ons. Which I am very happy that they were able to join because they want to hold Charlie which gives me a break so I can swim! The water at Priest Lake was so great, it was nice and refreshing but not too cold. Perfection. 
 So this spectacle happened when Andy wanted a piece of rope that was tied up in a tree. This did not work, but it was great fun to watch.
 Finally Andy decided to shimmy up between two trees and got it. 
 He loves those sweet potatoes. Didn't at first, but he changed his mind.
 Auntie Liz 
 How cute is he?!?
 This face. He has been making it ALL the time and it is amazing.
 We decided to sit the cousins together and...
 ...it didn't last long :)


Seattle with My Parents!

 We had a wonderful surprise when we were at our friends wedding. My parents showed up! My dad had just officiated a wedding up in BC and realized they were close enough to drive down so they did! Yes, we did see them last month, but it was so good to see them again, especially when you are not sure when you'll see them next. So on our last day we went into Seattle with them and walked around Pikes Place and got some delicious mini-doughnuts. Yum, I think I'm going to get those every time now.
 Trying to feed him on the ferry was a bit more tricky than I expected. I guess a table would have been nice :)
 Jelly Fish!
 Love those flowers.
It just so happened that we ran into some friends from Portland at the market! 
 They have been celebrating their 35th anniversary this trip! Can you believe it? 35 years!
I have been to Seattle many times and this is my first time going to the gum wall. And it is literally downstairs from the market.