Charlie, 2 years: Watching Monsters, Inc. for the billionth time
Pip, 3 months: Loves just standing there and watching  



Charlie & Pip, 2 years & 12 weeks: Andy, Charlie, and I all ended up matching with our blue shirts     and jeans so I dug in Charlie's baby clothes and found a matching shirt for Pip. She definitely was mistaken for a boy on multiple occasions but it was definitely worth it.



These photos were definitely not from this week. It has been rainy and blah over here and I'm not super excited about it. I was really digging the warm weather. Plus Andy is gone for training this week and now I'm stuck inside with our runny-nosed kids. Oh well, guess I'll try my hand at watercolors.
Back to these photos. Charlie loves being outside and he's really started enjoying his balance bike. He finally gets the idea of sitting down on the seat while scooting along. Not balancing yet, but I'm not really expecting him to get that this summer, we'll see. He also loves chalk and now asks to use them daily. Here's to warm weather this weekend!



Charlie, 2 years: Sort of figuring out his balance bike
Pip, 11 weeks: Still got those chubby cheeks


Jenny's Diner

One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is go to Jenny's Diner. It is just down the street from us and they serve up some delicious food, specifically the hashbrowns (SO good). It is also pretty open so Charlie can usually play on the barstools if they aren't too busy. There are a few great breakfast spots in Spokane but this one is totally underrated. There is never a wait and you get more food than the other places, which is a huge plus for Andy. Needless to say, it's our favorite. If you should find yourself in Spokane around breakfast or lunch, hit this place up.


Let the party month begin!

March is a crazy birthday month for our family. For BOTH families. It's kind of ridiculous. But we started out with Liz (whose birthday is actually on a leap year so she's in between months really). It was a nice small get together with some delicious food and fun games, also some old family pictures which are always fun to look through.



Charlie, 2 years: Showing me his toy whale and that it is going to bite me
Pip, 10 weeks: Getting bigger and stronger and enjoys watching what everyone is doing.


Park date

We went to the park on one of the days that Maggie was over and it was perfect. The weather was nice and the place was empty, which is especially nice for me because Charlie is still very shy around other kids and likes to watch rather than play. But this time was great. Charlie and Maggie would go down the slides over and over again and they played great together. Plus there is an awesome teepee that some neighborhood kids made from sticks and it is awesome. The little kids didn't so much care for it, but it was stuff my childhood dreams were made of. Seriously. I loved it.
SEE?!? Isn't it awesome?


Mixing up some Muffins with our Maggie

Last week we had Maggie over for a few days while her mom was enjoying the sun in San Diego. They enjoyed playing "train" with the stools in the kitchen and helping me mix up these amazing muffins. And they are kind of healthy so I didn't feel guilty letting them eat each two (and I definitely had four). 
Maggie also adores Pip so it is pretty sweet. She calls her "my Pip" and I love it. 



Charlie, 2: Watching some "Let it Go" on the phone
Pip, 9 weeks: Had her 2 month check-up and measuring on par with Charlie
Both: Charlie likes to entertain her