Spokane Jazz Orchestra

We finally made it to a concert in the park this summer. I'm still hoping that we make it to a few more, but at least we made it to one! Charlie and Pip didn't really care, so we ended up playing at the playground when there was no more food to eat. Pip went in the swing for the first time and giggled the whole time. It was adorable and I'm so glad that I have her. She is such a happy baby. She smiles all the time and giggles whenever you try to get a laugh out of her.
 Look at that face? Isn't she just the sweetest?
 The band that played was the Spokane Jazz Orchestra and they were very entertaining.


Beaver Creek '15

We took our first camping trip as a family of four on the last weekend of June and it went pretty great. It's the first time that I've been camping up here where it's actually warm enough that you want to go swimming. Which made it so that we spent hours down at the lake and it was one of the best trips I've ever had. Charlie did pretty well in the water, mostly wanting to be held or just play in the sand, but he did warm up a bit and only cried for a little bit in the beginning. I didn't end up taking as many photos as I would have liked, but I did snap a few. We ended up going camping with my brother and his family and then some family friends.
This log used to be a pylon that was in the ground but the guys decided it would be nicer on the sand.
On the first night that we were there Charlie ran into a table and got a pretty good gash on his eyebrow. It was actually his first ever band-aid injury.


Graduation Party

Last month Andy's sister, Liz, graduated from her doctorate program! So we threw her a little backyard bbq with family. And the kids helped open a few presents with her. It was a fun afternoon of eating food and eating cake.


Coeur d'Alene

While Andy's dad and step-mom were in town we took a day and went to Lake Coeur d'Alene. It also happened to be a huge car show so we took some time to walk through some of it, and when I say some of it I mean only the first 20 cars or so that were in the front parking lot. We did not walk all the way down the block and around the city center. I don't love cars to begin with, so we decided it was best to skip that long, hot walk with all the kiddos and go to the lake. Mostly they just played in the sand, which was fine by me.
This phone was a hit.
There's a little manmade creek that the kids really liked playing in.
This kid.


Great Grands are pretty Great

 Andy's grandparents came for a visit last month and these are some of the photos from their trip. They set up a little fishing game for the kids and Charlie absolutely loved it and has been wanting to do it ever since. Not only was it fun to throw the fish "hook" over the blanket but he got a puzzle and a water ball. He was a big fan.


Mule Days '15

Mule Days came and went. The parade was about the same as last year except Charlie and Maggie cried at any sound that came from the parade (the Civil War Re-Enactment really impacted them). They did enjoy collecting and eating all the candy that was thrown at them, and we even got to see Charlie's little friend Andrew ride in the parade. Hopefully next year is a total success, but we might have to start over with the new babies :)
You can see the terror in Charlie and Maggie's faces in this photo. And I'm pretty sure there was nothing coming.
Charlie enjoyed waving at everyone. It was adorable.
This was new
I think this was when a marching band was going by. He just couldn't couldn't even.


Summer is HERE!!!

We went to a local church's summer program for the kids and it was pretty exciting. They had snow cones, cotton candy, and games for the kids to play and win prizes. Charlie's favorite was the fishing game that he played with the great-grands and he won a kazoo, which thankfully broke within seconds.
Line giving Charlie some encouragement before a tossing game.
He did not enjoy the bounce house. Not even a little bit.