Last week we were able to take a little baby-moon trip to Vancouver and it was just plain wonderful. We did bring Charlie with us, but we didn't mind having him, it gave us more to do. Without him we probably would have just stayed in the hotel watching HGTV all day, which doesn't sound horrible to me, but I'm glad that we did get out and do some fun stuff. One of the most fun things was actually to just walk to a local park and let him play. It had an awesome playground and I kind of wish we could go back to it in the summer because they had this amazing homemade creek for kids to play in. Charlie would be all over it. In fact, he already kind of was. 
Now that we're home and that Thanksgiving is tomorrow(!!!) I get to slave in the kitchen preparing some yummy food. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! (and maybe scores some great deals on Friday)


MAC Visit

Last weekend we were able to go to the MAC with all our cousins and it was a very successful trip. Last time we went they were all babies and it was definitely easier to walk around the displays but this time they had kids activities and they LOVED them. Charlie was a huge fan of the Marble Works station, so were Hudson and Daniel. While the girls were very into the coloring, painting, and embroidering (so funny how different boys and girls are). They also had a button making station that the kids thought was the coolest thing ever. Mostly Charlie just liked watching the girl make them in the machine thing, no interest in them after they were made though, it'll be good for the save box, right?
Here is the link for last years visit.
The kids decided the best way to go down the stairs was backwards
 We call them the twins
 They were a little disappointed it wasn't a cartoon.
 Charlie is never sure about Hudson


Getting Ready

We have been getting Charlie and baby girl's room ready. And by that I mean I keep moving stuff around and trying to figure out the best way to have it fit. We did move in a twin bed that Charlie will eventually be moving to, but that won't be for a while. I'm hoping we can get her to sleep through the night before trying to switch him. I haven't quite figured out the layout for sure but then once that is done, I will get to move all the pictures, garlands, and what not. Also we are making an IKEA trip next week so I should have a few fun things to add, but not too many because I'm running out of space as it is!
It definitely doesn't feel like this little girl is going to join us in the next month and a half (!) but I know that it will come quick and I'll regret not getting stuff done ahead of time. Especially the room because it took me over a year to finally say I was done with Charlie's room, and then we switched rooms with him and it hasn't been "done" since then. Oh well. He doesn't mind, and it doesn't bother me much. We are heading to Vancouver on Monday for a little vacation and I for one am very excited about it. 


Park Time

The weather has definitely been chillier around here lately and this week it's supposed to get down to the 30s! Ah! Park days may be fewer and fewer but I think we'll still try and bundle up and get out of the house. Charlie loves going down the "lide" and climbing up the play structure any way that he can. I try not to help him so that he only does the ones that he can do on his own, but it sure does make me nervous. He mastered the two scary ones this trip and made some other parents nervous as well. One dad tried to help him at the top, but as soon as he tried Charlie stopped in his tracks and cried. He's a little emotional. He also cried when another child unzipped his sweatshirt. We're working on it though. Just more interaction, right?

The scary one is the one on the right. It's not a parents best friend, but the kids do love 'em.


Lazy Town

I am officially 32 weeks pregnant today! I have been feeling pretty exhausted for the past week and I think its really starting to wear on poor Mr. Charlie. He just wants me to play with him, but I just want to nap. Here's to hoping that these next 2 months go fast and that I get some energy back!