Greenville Zoo

Before we left Greenville we hit up their local zoo, which isn't huge, but it's at least twice the size of ours. And they had more than just tigers, which was nice to look at. The zoo was all decked out and decorated for halloween with blow up animals and wooden signs, which Charlie actually thought was way more interesting than the animals. They also had a very fun playground that I would have loved to spend all day at when I was younger.
This was his favorite animal to look at. It moved its head from side to side and he was very curious.
He's getting the hang of these things.


Fall for Greenville, SC

One thing that was going on while we were in Greenville was Fall for Greenville. It is an annual thing that is similar to Pig Out in Spokane, they set up food booths and have music playing all day long for a few days. This one was a bit different than ours because you purchased tickets to buy food with, and also they were a little bit cheaper and smaller portions so you could try a bit of this and a bit of that. It was very enjoyable. 
Fall for Greenville also takes place in their downtown which sits right on their beautiful park and river. We decided to play there for a bit while we were waiting to get hungry. Charlie definitely got his pants soaked and then spent the remainder of the night in his diaper. I felt pretty classy.
These are some of the booths that were set up. TONS of people.


Greenville, SC

This past week it was a bit quiet on here because Charlie and I were in Greenville, SC! We left last Tuesday morning, like EARLY morning, and just got back on Sunday night. I had three flights each way so the travel days were all travel. Which wasn't too bad, except for Charlie only slept on the flights for a total of 30 minutes combined. Once we were there though, it was great. My twin sister, Kathryn, has been living there for the past two years and I finally got to meet her boyfriend and just to get to spend some good quality time with her. It has been way too long. I'll be posting more photos from the trip later this week, but here are just a few.
Just hanging out in our room and trying to get used to the time change.
One of our stops had to be Rita's
Charlie got his own little cone with TONS of sprinkles. It was gone in about two minutes.

I think that if they had this in Spokane I would eat there every night. Seriously, so good.


Cat Tails Zoo

For the past few months I've been wanting to take Charlie to our local zoo, Cat Tails, and we finally made it last week! It is definitely a small zoo, but they do pack quite a few tigers in there (at least 10!). The animals were all pretty active and we even had a white tiger roar at us. Charlie might have gotten a little scared after that. His favorite part was the creepy monkeys that he could climb on. He pretty much didn't want to leave those.
 The only animal that wasn't a part of the cat family was this bear
27 weeks!
 Lots and lots of tigers
Charlie really enjoyed this frog, and he even decided to give him a few hugs


A Birthday Soccer Game

 Last week was Maggie's 2nd birthday! I can't believe she's already two! It also turned out that Line had a soccer game on her birthday, so we went to watch her game and wish the birthday girl a great birthday. Unfortunately Line's team did not win this time, but she did score a goal! And really that's all that matters.
Line congratulating her teammate on his goal. She's kind a touchy.
Charlie and Maggie were sharing cereal the whole time, although Charlie wasn't so excited about it.


Apple Picking

We finally got up to Greenbluff this year! It might have taken a whole family outing while the grands were in town, but we made it! We picked apples for applesauce and then some pears for canning, although we definitely picked the wrong kind of pears so we'll see how this goes. Not the best start for our first time canning pears. The kids enjoyed themselves by getting rides in the wagon, climbing the ladder, and eating all of the apples. I'm hoping that we make it up in October to possibly get some pumpkins next month, but we'll see.
 The older kids super enjoyed climbing up high and picking the apples from up there
25 weeks and much bigger this time around 


Grandparents Visit

For the last week or so we've had grandparents in town from England and it has been so nice to see them. The kids absolutely adore them, especially when they bring bubbles and hedgehogs (who wouldn't?). These photos are from a get together we had where the bubbles appeared, and these aren't your regular ol' bubbles, these are hardcore. They didn't pop! Well, that easily anyways, the kids ended up having bubbles all over themselves when they were done, specifically in their hair. Needless to say they had a blast.
 Daniel having his turn at blowing the bubbles