Charlie, 2: Watching some "Let it Go" on the phone
Pip, 9 weeks: Had her 2 month check-up and measuring on par with Charlie
Both: Charlie likes to entertain her


Kid Dates

My favorite thing to do with these two is to head to a coffee shop and then a park. Pip just sleeps through everything so she's easy and Charlie loves to eat ice cubes from his cup. Plus you can always hand him the phone with a Toca Boca game and he is set. So I usually get to drink my iced coffee or latte (don't I sound fancy?). After drinks we head to a park and play for a bit. Charlie is not a huge fan of other kids at the park, but it's still kind of cold enough that not everyone has been to the parks, so it works out great! We're working on it though.


My Little Helper

I always loved helping my mom in the kitchen when I was little, so now I try to have Charlie help me as much as possible. He was really into it a month ago and then decided it wasn't his thing. But he has finally come to his senses and agreed to help me again. Also my mom just made him that adorable apron. He keeps it on for almost the whole time. He also has figured out his reflection in the mixing bowl, it is the best. Seriously. We mostly make cookies and the like because, well because.



Charlie, 2 years: Climbing at the park
Pip, 8 weeks: Sleeping in her carseat
Both: Charlie taking Pip's picture while she hangs out in the Jumperoo



Charlie, 2: Bath after a haircut that didn't turn out the best
Pip, 7 weeks: Enjoying some floor time
Both: Reading with Dad before bed


Trains and Camo

This post has absolutely nothing to do with Valentines Day, but it is full of this little cutie pie. He has expanded his train collection by quite a few since Christmas and his birthday and so we can take up a whole room! Mostly I'm excited about it, but he enjoys it too! And I also love this sweatshirt. I never thought I'd put camo on him, but I caved and I'm ok with it. So on that note, enjoy your Valentines weekend!


We're All Smiles

I finally got a picture of her awake! and smiling! As she is getting older she is definitely more alert and I think I got my first smile out of her, but she doesn't do it consistently so I'm not sure if the timing was just perfect or if she really smiled at me. I'm gonna write it down her book that she smiled at me. So whatever. Take that Pip. This is also the same age that Charlie was when I elicited my first smile from him. We were actually in the airport on our way home from visiting my sister. I remember it quite clearly and I keep thinking about it now that Pip is the same age. I was changing his diaper in the changing room and I was so overly excited about it that people passing probably thought I was oddly excited about his diaper. Oh well. It's a good memory.
This has been our go to after nap time. Turn on a show and have a picnic lunch. He loves it.