Moving Day (not ours though)

A few weekends ago we helped my brother and his family move into their new house! That they now own! Isn't that crazy? He is the first of my siblings to buy a house and it is all very exciting. Also, this last weekend we just helped Andy's mom move into her new house, which is filling me with house envy. By the end of the year we will hopefully be looking for a house of our own, but until them I will just have to enjoy other peoples new houses.
Also I'm working on photos from our Greenville trip and portraits to be put up here soon.
The kiddos watching a show and keeping out of the way


Play Date

These boys have been having playdates since they were born and now their siblings get to join in. Andrew is a month younger than Charlie and Aiden is a month older than Pip. It really couldn't have worked out better if we were trying. I will say that playdates with two two year old boys is interesting, but that's part of the fun, right?
Both boys have the most adorable chin dimples. I love them.


Fire Pit

A few weeks ago, when the weather was nice, we had a fire pit and it was possibly the best night ever. We had an "Asian Fusion" dinner where everyone brought something to add and then sat by the fire. Is there anything better than sitting by the fire with friends? Also I made this pie and it was amazing. I ended up making it again later that week too! It was seriously that good.
The kiddos and their buckets



Charlie, 2 years: Watching Monsters, Inc. for the billionth time
Pip, 3 months: Loves just standing there and watching  



Charlie & Pip, 2 years & 12 weeks: Andy, Charlie, and I all ended up matching with our blue shirts     and jeans so I dug in Charlie's baby clothes and found a matching shirt for Pip. She definitely was mistaken for a boy on multiple occasions but it was definitely worth it.



These photos were definitely not from this week. It has been rainy and blah over here and I'm not super excited about it. I was really digging the warm weather. Plus Andy is gone for training this week and now I'm stuck inside with our runny-nosed kids. Oh well, guess I'll try my hand at watercolors.
Back to these photos. Charlie loves being outside and he's really started enjoying his balance bike. He finally gets the idea of sitting down on the seat while scooting along. Not balancing yet, but I'm not really expecting him to get that this summer, we'll see. He also loves chalk and now asks to use them daily. Here's to warm weather this weekend!



Charlie, 2 years: Sort of figuring out his balance bike
Pip, 11 weeks: Still got those chubby cheeks