Mother's Day

This is only a week late, which means we're catching up! Yay! These photos are from Mother's Day when we had a family BBQ and relaxed at Andy's mom's house. The above photo does not show how much fun Charlie had, but trust me, he did enjoy himself. If there is dirt and a shovel he will be busy for the rest of the day.
Ben and his girls


Family Photo Meltdowns

These are becoming some of my very favorite photos. As you can see, Charlie does not enjoy taking photos with people, he's actually fine by himself (most of the time). So these are the kinds of pictures that we end up with if we are not offering food after every picture. I love them and I'm going to keep on collecting them so that I can offer him a book when he's older. Or maybe I'll just keep it.
This is one of my favorites. The classic lie down and cry.

Family Easter

Something that has absolutely nothing to do with these photos is that we decided to get Charlie some Nerf guns yesterday. And they didn't go super well. Charlie loves them, of course, but he also shot himself directly in the eye while trying to load it. Also he might of had a mark on his neck from when Andy accidentally shot him. It was a pretty successful evening.
On another note we've started to go on bike rides and Charlie really enjoys them. We've been going to our parks after dinner and just letting him run wild and get all his energy out. It's probably going to become our regular after dinner activity. Plus the closest park to us only takes a few minutes to bike to! 
So here are some photos from our family Easter get together. Enjoy!
Dying some eggs. Line's hair is also my favorite.
All of the kiddos got one of these flyers and they were a hit. If it didn't break right away.


Greenville Park

On one of the first days that we arrived in Greenville we went to a local park and let the kids run wild. It was Charlie's first time seeing these cousins for a while and he warmed right up to them, especially Brooklynn. They were hand in hand playing all through the playground and he loved it. Taylor was a close second. So he was pretty happy to say in the least.
Isn't he just adorable?
I wish we had one of these at our park!
She wasn't the happiest on the first few days of our trip
See? Hand in hand.


Family Time

Here are some photos from our trip to South Carolina for my sister's wedding. This trip ended up being one of the better family vacations because we were all able to stay in the same house, well mostly. Everyone except for my sister and me stayed at this amazing house that was loaned to us from some family friends. We stayed at her apartment which was less than a 5 minute drive away, so we would simply drive over in the morning and head home when all the fun was had and everyone else was going to sleep. Plus I got to leave Charlie overnight at the big house and didn't have to haul him back and forth.
My sister (who is now married!!!) and little Pip
My other sister washed the cars with the kiddos and they all had a pretty great time
especially this guy