Labor Day Concert in the Park

These photos are definitely from Labor Day. Oops. At least you get to see them now, right? We have been going to the Spokane Symphony's concert in the park for the past few years and it just seems to get better. The songs were mostly recognizable (I think 75% were from Disney) and the kids did great. The weather seems to be chillier than the year before, but not freezing. Can't wait for next year!
Charlie refused to put his cup down.


Yards are where it's at

It's the freakin' weekend!!! And this weekend is going to be crazy awesome! We've got baby showers, photo shoots, and hopefully some pumpkin patches in our future and I couldn't be more excited. So, due to the celebration of this weekend, here are some photos of our kiddos playing in the yard when it was warm enough to play in the pool.

This girl is turning out to be so much more mischievous than her brother. We were definitely not expecting that.
Nothing like airing out in the sun :)
This guy. He's awesome.


Play dates, play dates, play dates

These photos are from about a month ago, and we are actually having another play date today! We've been getting together since these boys were born and its been so much fun to see them grow up together. To see how fast and different they grow and learn. Andrew was crawling months before Charlie would even attempt it and Charlie has been talking been talking in sentences for months and Andrew is just starting to put them together. It's so crazy to see how different they learn, and yet they catch up to each and it makes no difference. Now we get to watch Aiden and Pip grow and to see how different boys and girls are.


Moving Day!

Now that we've been in our house for 2 months, it's a great time to share our photos from  moving day! We had friends and family help us move everything and then fed everyone pizza. It was a great day. And so much fun to finally be in our house. I love it more every day. Seriously. I can't stop saying how perfect it is to Andy. The downstairs still needs to be organized and put away, but we're getting to it. 
Liz had to pinch the hose to turn the water off because the sprinkler came on :)


Camping '15: Part 2

Here are the last batch of photos from our camping trip. Aren't those cousins adorable? Also Charlie is stealing the show in these photos. Maybe we're over the family photo meltdowns? Probably not. But I enjoy either one. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
It was warm enough to go swimming, but just barely. And isn't this girl the cutest?
These Pea Pods are where its at for camping with babies. Pip slept in it at night and then we would bring it to the beach for her to sit in. Awesome.


Camping '15: Part 1

I realize that I've been neglecting this blog for a few months, but we're hopefully getting settled back into our routine, which means I'll start this back up. Hopefully. Here are some photos from our second, and last camping trip of the year. It was back in August? I don't even remember. We went back to the same campsite and it was just as much fun, just not as hot. Different company and no campfires allowed but just as enjoyable.
We backed our car into our tent and had charlie sleep in the car. It worked pretty great.
The first thing we did when we got there was bike to the lake. Charlie started out fully clothed...

...then lost his pants and shoes...

...and then we stripped him down to his diaper. This is also the first time I ever skipped stones. I was extremely pleased with myself. Unfortunately I never got to show off to anybody else. But Andy believes me, so that's all that counts, right?

Uncle Benny teaching Charlie some volleyball, but I think the ball just bounced off his chest every time.

Keeping those kiddos entertained with coloring books was brilliant.
These girls are the cutest.