Projects Shmojects

I am bad at projects. I can dream them up and think about them, but do I finish them? Not really. We have six chairs in our garage that are half stripped of their old paint and we have our new paint just waiting to be put on (well after they are completely stripped of the old stuff). We also have three unfinished rooms in our house that would be easy to complete with just a little time and effort. I finally did get some projects done yesterday, and I'm still feeling motivated to tackle those chairs again. But this time actually complete them.
And in the spirit of projects, here is Andy putting my new flower box outside of Charlie's room (because that gets the most sun).


Hudson's First Birthday Party

This boy just turned one and we got to celebrate with him! We had missed his brother's party a few weeks before because we had to go to Boise, but we made it for this one! (We also had presents for everyone in the family because we had missed their parties, oops!) The sun was shining and it turned out to be a nice quiet party, especially because the older kids were all outside while Hudson opened his presents, which cut down on drama 100%. Awesome.

They love each other 



Sometimes I don't feel like I have anything to say on here. So instead I'll just put up a picture of Charlie eating (that's really the best time to photograph this guy) and tell you what I've learned about baby clothes. Thrift stores are the way to go. Especially when you have a Value Village around and they do 50% off days every few months. The clothes (at this age anyway) are clean and adorable, plus they are usually $1 or cheaper. Bonus: if you are picky like me, then you don't have to buy a whole outfit just for the shirt or pants, because I usually only want one piece out of the three-piece outfit.
The second thing is that jeggings are awesome. They are comfy and absolutely the best thing to put on babies. I usually have to find them in the girl section and sometimes they do have pink accents but I just use a Sharpy and cover it up. About 75% of the compliments for Charlie are his jeggings (the rest is for that hair!). Now, some people do make remarks about skinny jeans on a boy, but I really don't care, so it works for me!



It finally feels a bit more like spring over here. Maybe even a dash of summer, but just a dash. We got to wear shorts (and I even got to wear sandals!) and it was perfect. We walked to our neighborhood park and got to play around by ourself in the kiddie section. So far he loves to climb up the stairs, go down the slide, and play with the wheel. He also LOVES staring at other children. He has more fun watching them swing on the swing-set than actually doing it himself. He chased a group of little boys across the field and then stopped 10 feet away just to watch. Also those shorts are definitely 0-3 month size.


Boise Zoo

While Andy was busy taking his test, Charlie and I went to the Boise Zoo. It was awesome! It had been on and off rainy all day but the clouds peaked through so I decided to go only to be rained on 30 minutes later. But honestly, it was the best zoo trip ever. Nobody was there and we still saw pretty much all the animals (except for that tiger). But the best part by far was going into this "classroom" and the lions were right by the window! I love lions and it was the best to have the whole room to ourselves and marvel at these magnificent beasts. I danced around like a crazy person trying to play with them. I did get growled at three times and I jumped every time. It was awesome. This zoo trip was definitely for me, not really for Charlie, but he enjoyed watching the animals, I'd say the monkeys were his favorite.

You can see the red panda on the left and then the lions by our window


Boise for the Weekend

Our weekend was quite busy, but very fun. We headed over to Boise on Friday and just got back yesterday. Andy took the test for the fire department and Charlie and I tagged along to make a mini-vacation out of it. I had never been and really had no expectations but it was really fun. We got to explore some of the downtown area and then Charlie and I went to the zoo when Andy took the test. I was a bit worried about staying in the same room as Charlie, we did attempt to put him in the closet but it was right next to the hallway so he woke up every time a door was shut. We ended up just putting blankets over his pack and play and he slept great. We had our box fan, the bathroom fan, and the ac on in the room so that we could watch tv. It was pretty fantastic. 
He was not a fan of the shower cap, but we just had to try it out.


Park Days

It finally warmed back up enough to go to the park and it was great. Andy had this whole weekend off, which isn't usual because he works every Sunday, and it was so nice to be able to hang out for two whole days in a row! We tossed the frisbee around for a bit,  but chased Charlie for the majority of our trip. He prefers not to be around the play structures, I think because he doesn't super like other children to be near him. We're working on it. Well, I hope everyone else had a great weekend!