Civil War Re-Enactment Part 2

 Here are the photos from our second day at the civil war re-enactment. This day went a bit better, but not by much. We spent the first bit touring the camps and waiting for the horse tournament thing to start, but what we didn't realize was that the riders shot their pistols at wooden planks, which then made Maggie and Charlie scream. They were very uneasy to begin with because they remembered the previous trip, so as soon as they started shooting it was a no go for the kids. The adults still enjoyed it a bit and I'm still glad we went. Not sure if we'll try to go next year, probably will have to wait until they are all a bit older and can stand having ear plugs in. Or we could just buy them those headphone-sound-blocker things.
The girls enjoyed feeding theses horses lots of hay
 You can see the tears on Charlie's face. And I'm pretty sure nothing had even happened yet.
 Andy ended up getting stuck talking to these gentlemen for a good 30 minutes

 And then they started shooting.


Sprinkler and Ice Pops

These photos are from a few weeks ago when it was kind of hot, not like this weekend that is going to be in the hundreds. But we are going to be camping, so I'm 100% fine with that. Maybe we'll actually go in the lake this time. Since these photos Pip has started sitting up and she just pushed through her second tooth yesterday! She is going to be officially 6 months tomorrow!
Side note: I'm giving up on the weekly portraits because it was making me feel like I never wanted to touch my blog. So, you'll just have to settle posts like this.


Play Date

Here are some photos from a play date we had with Andrew and Aiden a few weeks ago. This was one of the first times that Andrew and Charlie actually played well together, so it was actually a pretty great time. We are hoping that we can go when it's not raining and then we can go outside and watch the cows and horses. Although Charlie might just cry the whole time, but I'm excited!
Charlie's favorite face


Civil War Re-Enactment Part 1

A few weeks ago the Civil War Re-Enactment came to Airway Heights, which is a small town outside of Spokane, and we all decided to go. I have wanted to go to one since seeing "Sweet Home Alabama" and my dream finally came true! I was so excited as we were driving up because there were signs telling you about the history, but Andy definitely sped right past them and we only got to read one word at a time. Haha. Oh well.
I would definitely recommend going to one if you can, but maybe not bringing young children. The guns and bombs were awesome for us adults, but the kids were pretty scared and cried most of the time. Arden loved it, which was not what we expected. Pip didn't much care, but I was holding her with my hand over her ear so it wouldn't be too loud. Charlie did ok up until the fight was right in front of us. Maggie didn't enjoy it from the get go. And Line handled it ok for the first bit but them went back with her dad and Maggie to enjoy the show from afar (which ended up coming their way in the end). We actually ended up going back again, but that's for another time.
Waiting for the show to start
The horses were a big hit with the kids
Unfortunately, our camera ran out of memory right as soon as the fight started so this was all we got :/



Charlie, 2 years: Loves to climb up and then slide down this slide.
Pip, 22 weeks: Has found her feet and her hands.
Both: Charlie likes to interact with her a bit more, and she doesn't seem to mind.


Disc Golf

One thing that we didn't do enough of last year was disc golf. We had done it quite a bit before I was pregnant with Charlie, and during my pregnancy we still went, but not quite as much. And last year I didn't even go once, which is not saying a ton, but it's a pretty fun activity that I'm glad we're getting back into. It's free (now that we have our discs) and it's an enjoyable time outside with the kids. Plus, they put in a playground right by the course so we can let Charlie run around there when we've finished. Pip has just started riding in the stroller and enjoys just sitting and watching everything, so she's easy! Here's to more disc golf in our future!


Weekly Portrait Catch-up

Charlie, 2 years: His prize from the Easter Egg Hunt 
Charlie: He either gives this face or squints his eyes when taking his picture
Charlie, 2 years: Charlie, the ring bearer (photo credit: Black Lab Productions)
Charlie, 2 years: Has an obsession with balls 
Pip, 16 weeks: Started rolling over!
Charlie, 2 years: Just playing with some watercolors
Pip, 18 weeks: Sleeping away and getting a pretty good indent from that headband
Charlie, 2 years: Getting him to smile for pictures consisted of people playing peek-a-boo 
Pip, 20 weeks: Such a great face