Boise for the Weekend

Our weekend was quite busy, but very fun. We headed over to Boise on Friday and just got back yesterday. Andy took the test for the fire department and Charlie and I tagged along to make a mini-vacation out of it. I had never been and really had no expectations but it was really fun. We got to explore some of the downtown area and then Charlie and I went to the zoo when Andy took the test. I was a bit worried about staying in the same room as Charlie, we did attempt to put him in the closet but it was right next to the hallway so he woke up every time a door was shut. We ended up just putting blankets over his pack and play and he slept great. We had our box fan, the bathroom fan, and the ac on in the room so that we could watch tv. It was pretty fantastic. 
He was not a fan of the shower cap, but we just had to try it out.


Park Days

It finally warmed back up enough to go to the park and it was great. Andy had this whole weekend off, which isn't usual because he works every Sunday, and it was so nice to be able to hang out for two whole days in a row! We tossed the frisbee around for a bit,  but chased Charlie for the majority of our trip. He prefers not to be around the play structures, I think because he doesn't super like other children to be near him. We're working on it. Well, I hope everyone else had a great weekend!


Mitten Hands!

One of Charlie's favorite things to do is put mittens on his hands. He feels like a superhero and it is one of the best things to watch. He just likes to throw his hands in the air like its magical, and it really is magical to watch this little boy love having his hands covered. It also works wonders when changing diapers. Seriously. Wonders.


Happy St. Patrick's Day

 I think this is the first year that we've actually done something for St. Patrick's Day. And by that I mean put green food coloring in our oven pancakes. It was quite fun. Plus Charlie got this awesome hand-me-down set that was perfect for today and it fit! Huzzah! So, we hope that you all enjoyed the weekend and had fun wearing green today.


Park and Ice Cream

It finally feels a bit like spring. I know that this isn't going to last, but man is it nice. We went to the park and got to play outside which is where we figured out that Charlie isn't such a big fan of the swings anymore (we'll definitely be trying that again later). Also he is very unsure when he is walking on the play structure, like it's not stable or something. I think he might have a fear of heights. We shall see. And then after our park outing we headed down the street to The Scoop, which has some delicious tasting ice cream. Follow that by some Mario while Charlie napped and then getting 3rd place at trivia made it a great day.
 He also ate that dirt 2 seconds after this shot.


Phone Time

Funny story, whenever I thought about letting Charlie using our phones I was against it. I believed that it would stunt his brain growth or something, which I'm sure there is some truth to that. But when it came down to it, the main reason why is because I didn't want people, specifically other mothers, to look down on me for letting my child play with my phone. I had it in my head that this was not a good "motherly" thing to do. And really, what does that matter what they think? IT DOESN'T! I just need to get over myself and be the best mom I can be, without the idea of what a perfect mom would do in my head. In the moms group I'm a part of we just read Christ in the Chaos and it really spoke to those struggles. It was a great read and I recommend it to any mom. Seriously. 
So here are some pictures of Charlie playing on my phone. 


Paper Bag Robot

What to do on a snowy morning? Cut holes in a paper bag and put it on your child! Best idea I've ever had. He actually enjoyed it a bit himself, and by that I mean he made it 5 minutes before crying. And after he wore it he decided it would also be fun to step on. So, double entertainment right there. I am very much looking forward to a warm 50 degree weather weekend. 
 I love this kid


It's a Party

Liz is a leap year baby and so this year we celebrated another year for her, but her birthDAY was not truly this year. Which is kind of a hassle I've come to find out. For example, when you get free stuff on your birthday from company's, they don't know what day or month to give it to her. See? Huge hassle. It would be for me anyways, I live on free stuff. Is there a membership where you get something on your birthday? and its free? I'm in!
Back to Liz. She's a wonderful sister-in-law and aunt in every way, and to celebrate her we went out to dinner and then came back and ate some delicious chocolate cake with ice cream. Sorry for the not great pictures but this is where we just relaxed and watched the babies play.

 Hudson is so close to walking!
See? Amazing aunt right there.