This past week we had a picnic at the park and it was quite entertaining. Mostly because Charlie was enamored with the geese and wanted to get as close as he possibly could. Without touching them, of course. A few times I was worried that one was going to attack him, but they stayed away. The weather is getting to feel more and more like summer and it makes me excited for all the adventures we have coming up. Mostly camping. I'm really excited for camping. Although this time is going to be very different with Charlie walking around. Probably not quite as relaxing as before. But it will be fun watching him play around, just hopefully not in the fire.
He somehow found his way into a rocky ravine and played with boulders


Jr. Lilac Parade

Sorry for my disappearance on here the last few weeks. I kind of got used to not taking the camera anywhere, which then results in no pictures to post, so I've just gotta get back into the swing of things. But in other news, it has been a year since I started this blog! Can you believe it? I can't. I know the time has passed but it is so crazy to look back and see how small Charlie and Maggie were. I am very excited to have this place to see the changes. 
These pictures are from the Junior Lilac Parade last week (we missed the actual Lilac Parade this weekend because it was past Charlie's bedtime). But this parade was quite fun. I'm always impressed with how good these kids do for being in junior high. Very impressive. Anyways, I hope everyone has a good week!

Andy's Aunt and Uncle came into town to pick up their son from college so we got to see them for a big at the parade before leaving. And they brought their dog which the kiddos enjoyed quite a bit.



This weekend was quite uneventful for us. Sunday we didn't leave the house at all and I barely got out of my pajamas only to put them back on soon afterwards. So here are some pictures of Charlie playing in his room. Those blocks are quite possibly one of his favorites. He also loves his play gun, ice cream scoop, and whisk.