Renaissance Fair

I'm not even sure when this happened, but while it was still hot out we went to a Renaissance Fair! I had been to one in middle school and thought it was awesome and so I've always wanted to go another one. I'm not 100% sure why I've always been fascinated by them, but I have been and so I was really looking forward to going. I was a bit disappointed because I wasn't expecting it to be so expensive. I knew you had to pay to get in, but I thought that once you were in you had a free pass to all the activities, which is not true. They have archery and sword fighting (with foam arrows and swords) but you have to pay to play. And well, we didn't do any of the extra activities. We did get to watch some jousting, a "Viking" duel, and a little scene by the jailhouse. All in all, it was a fun experience but I'm not sure we'll ever do it again.
It was pretty fun to see everyone dressed up. Even the dogs had chain mail.
There were lots of little concerts going on at multiple stages.
This is the "Viking" duel, and the main difference is that once you drop a weapon you can't use it anymore. While watching the fight there was this little boy who kept yelling, "stop fighting, peace is better!"
As soon as the door was closed on Andy in the cell, Charlie started to cry and scream. He was not happy about what was happening.

Andy also played this game called "rat fling" or something to that effect. It was pretty weird.

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