Trip to Tonasket

The last weekend of January we took a drive up to Tonasket to visit Andy's sister for the weekend. During our trip we decided to take the kids skiing! I really was not expecting it to go well, seeing as it can get very emotional when you try to get Charlie to do something he doesn't want to do. And he definitely didn't want to ski. Actually, it was just the renting of the skis and boots that was the issue. After he settled down for a few hours he actually went down the hill a few times! The bunny hill, but still! I was very impressed and can't wait to try again. 
Getting ready to leave :)
Auntie Liz is the best. Seriously.
This was right after the renting of the said boots and skis. Notice Charlie is not happy. At all.
Andy and Charlie going down the hill!
I mean, look at that smile!
I think this was when we told him to clean up his toys :|

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