Walking Tour of Browne's Addition

One thing that I've wanted to do for a while is take a walking tour of Browne's Addition. The Museum of Arts & Culture has a handy walking map with information on about 50 of the historic homes in the area and a little bit about the area in general. I heard about the guide last year and it has taken us up until now to actually do it. The information was more about the architecture and the names of the people who lived in the homes, which is nice, but we were hoping for a bit more information about the people in particular. Or weird facts about the homes, such as one of them had a ski hill, which is pretty fascinating. We only got through half of the homes and are planning on going back to finish the rest. 
 For lunch we went to the cafe inside the MAC and it was pretty delicious. I got a gyro pizza and it was wonderful.
On our walk we ran into 4 deer that were just wandering through the neighborhood.
 The Patsy Clark Mansion was our favorite house of our walk.