Indians Game!

As some of you may have known this weekend was Hoopfest. I unfortunately didn't take any photos this time and just relaxed and watched a few games, it ended up being a wonderful weekend (Here is last years post). Our boys won the King of the Losers, which means they won the cancelation bracket and they get an extra shirt! I think I'm the only one who got burned, which is not much of a surprise, but it turned out great.
These photos have nothing to do with this weekend as this happened last weekend. Liz was the game doctor and she had three extra tickets in her box so she invited us to go with her! It ended up being fireworks night and the Indians pulled through and won. Charlie was a bit overwhelmed by everything at first and was scared by the noises of the fireworks, but he ended up doing pretty well. 
 He was very interested in all the people selling food.

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