Trains, trains, trains

Seattle you were relaxing and cool. Bend you were busy and hot. Andy prefers the first kind of vacation and I prefer the second, although Andy does need something to do, but he'd rather it be busy of tasks and not people. I enjoy people and sitting around while on vacation. Charlie just enjoys running around and playing in water or dirt. He doesn't care if there are people there or not. All this to say that we just got back from a very nice vacation last week. We spent a few days in Seattle with Andy's grandparents and then drove down to Bend to spend some time with my family and go to a wedding. Needless to say, today I am doing laundry and trying to stay cool.
These pictures have nothing to do with our vacation, they were actually taken beforehand but he's just so darned cute. His favorite thing to do with trains is sit on the track and then rip it apart. Line does not enjoy this kind of train play.

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