Pumpkin Carving

 We finally got around to doing something that had to do with pumpkins! Unfortunately it didn't include going to the pumpkin patch, hopefully next year. We got around to carving the ones that I picked up from the grocery store a few weeks ago. I thought Charlie wouldn't have an issue with sticking his hand in the pumpkin guts but he was not interested at all. We rolled up his sleeves and asked him to do it and his response was "no!". Also he wanted his sleeves rolled down, he is not a fan of them being up, too bunchy I guess. He did grab the guts once when they were outside of the pumpkin and he didn't seem to grossed out, but I guess he just couldn't put his hand in the pumpkin. Too much.
I decided to carve a kitty for Charlie since that is one of his favorite animals to spot. He yells "itty at" when he sees them and then tries to chase them while they scurry away. Andy decided to go with a more modern take on the pumpkin and did some stripes.
This baby girl is getting bigger and bigger.

Excuse our pumpkin guts

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