Greenville, SC

This past week it was a bit quiet on here because Charlie and I were in Greenville, SC! We left last Tuesday morning, like EARLY morning, and just got back on Sunday night. I had three flights each way so the travel days were all travel. Which wasn't too bad, except for Charlie only slept on the flights for a total of 30 minutes combined. Once we were there though, it was great. My twin sister, Kathryn, has been living there for the past two years and I finally got to meet her boyfriend and just to get to spend some good quality time with her. It has been way too long. I'll be posting more photos from the trip later this week, but here are just a few.
Just hanging out in our room and trying to get used to the time change.
One of our stops had to be Rita's
Charlie got his own little cone with TONS of sprinkles. It was gone in about two minutes.
I think that if they had this in Spokane I would eat there every night. Seriously, so good.

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