Christmas Eve

Happy New Years! Here are photos of our Christmas Eve. Because our Christmas didn't go quite as planned, it was nice that we were able to celebrate on Christmas Eve with family (most of them anyways). Early in the day I went to see the new Hobbit movie and then we ended up hanging out at Andy's mom's place the rest of the day, which was very nice and yummy. We snacked on appetizers all night, played some cards, and opened all of our presents. What a way to celebrate out last night as a family of three! We ended up going straight home afterwards, rather than playing games up at my brother's (which is what we'd been doing all week since my parents have been in town). I'm very glad we did because we ended up going to bed early and I got some rest before little miss Pip arrived.
Making the wonderful Korv 
 Charlie loves to "cowar" with his "Nannie"

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