Civil War Re-Enactment Part 2

 Here are the photos from our second day at the civil war re-enactment. This day went a bit better, but not by much. We spent the first bit touring the camps and waiting for the horse tournament thing to start, but what we didn't realize was that the riders shot their pistols at wooden planks, which then made Maggie and Charlie scream. They were very uneasy to begin with because they remembered the previous trip, so as soon as they started shooting it was a no go for the kids. The adults still enjoyed it a bit and I'm still glad we went. Not sure if we'll try to go next year, probably will have to wait until they are all a bit older and can stand having ear plugs in. Or we could just buy them those headphone-sound-blocker things.
The girls enjoyed feeding theses horses lots of hay
 You can see the tears on Charlie's face. And I'm pretty sure nothing had even happened yet.
 Andy ended up getting stuck talking to these gentlemen for a good 30 minutes

 And then they started shooting.

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