First Snow

 Sorry for the absence yet again. We've had a pretty crazy month. I'm sure most of you have heard about the windstorm that happened in November, but in case you didn't it was crazy. Like 72 mph winds and knocked down trees and power lines all over Spokane. Houses were smashed, cars were smashed. It was amazing the damage that was done. One of the effects of the storm was that power got knocked out for a majority of Spokane. Linemen were working like crazy for almost two weeks trying to get power back for everyone. It took eight days before we got power back at our house! Isn't that crazy? Thankfully we got a generator pretty quick and were able to stay at our house (temperatures got down to 19 and below!). It didn't power the whole house, but we did have heat, refrigerator, TV, some lights, and a hot plate (not all running at the same time). One of my favorite things to see was how our community opened up their homes and kitchens to everyone who didn't have power. We were able to do laundry, shower, play, and eat food with friends while we waited for our power to be restored. It was pretty awesome.
We did end up getting our power back on Thanksgiving, which seemed pretty fitting. But then on Sunday a tree in our neighbors back yard fell over onto our power pole! It was already leaning pretty good and was scheduled to be cut down that Tuesday(!). Thankfully they were able to fix the power and it came back on later that night, but it just seemed so crazy to have it happen right after our power came back on. The tree is still laying on our tree house and we're curious to see if it damaged it at all. Andy thinks it should be fine, but we'll see!
We also had our first snow! It did happen when the power was out (you can see our generator hooked up) and Charlie loved it. He especially loved to eat it. He doesn't enjoy gloves though, even when they do fit him correctly (like they're his size and everything). They usually last all of two minutes before he is trying to swing them off at full force.
In other updates, Charlie is fully potty trained (even at night) and Pip has been up and walking like a pro for the last month. Andy has officially passed all his tests for the fire department and only has a few more shifts before his year probation is complete and he can relax at work (while they're not on a call that is). The Hatching Hen has been plugging away and we've done a few giveaways which has been so much fun! We love teaming up with other mamas!

 For the record, Pip does enjoy the snow. We just left her inside this time.

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