Gingerbread Bake-Off

We finally made it to the gingerbread bake-off! For the past few years Christ Kitchen has put on a bake-off and for the past few years we've missed it. They have some of the local bakeries make their own gingerbread "houses" for a competition and then for $7 you can get your own kit that includes a house that's already put together, a bag of candy, and a bag of frosting. I was very impressed with the competition houses, my favorite was the Polar Express inspired house/town. I am not gifted in the area of decorating cookies, so I was very impressed what these people could do. Charlie was also pretty impressed with them, but was quickly disappointed by decorating his own. Mainly because he wanted to eat the candy and definitely did not think it should get put on the house. But we made it through and I'm so glad that we did.
 This is a small bit of the Polar Express town
 This was our second favorite.
 Pip just wanted to walk around and trip everyone up
 Trying his best to hoard the candies for himself
 and crying when he didn't get his way.
The proud boy. Haha.

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