Morning Routine

Our morning routine is kind of similar each day, there are a few things that we do every morning and others that we add in whenever I feel like it. Normally Charlie is a great sleeper and has been sleeping through the night since about 7 months. He goes down around 7:30 (most nights) and wakes up around 7. He then lays in bed talking or doing whatever for another half an hour to an hour before I go get him. As soon as he's up we change him and get him some milk. Then I usually let him play for a bit before I make breakfast. This particular morning we played with the bubbles that we scored from last weeks party. Then I make breakfast (usually scrambled eggs and banana for him), but this morning I made these pancakes (I ended up using a full 1 cup of flour though). Then it's time to brush our teeth, which Charlie loves the holding his own tooth brush but throws a fit when I actually brush his teeth. Lastly, we get dressed for the day and then go play with toys.
That is our kind of standard morning routine that I'm sure will keep evolving, but for now its kind of perfect.
 Popping the bubbles
 This is his reaction every time you blow them in his direction

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