It's a Party

Liz is a leap year baby and so this year we celebrated another year for her, but her birthDAY was not truly this year. Which is kind of a hassle I've come to find out. For example, when you get free stuff on your birthday from company's, they don't know what day or month to give it to her. See? Huge hassle. It would be for me anyways, I live on free stuff. Is there a membership where you get something on your birthday? and its free? I'm in!
Back to Liz. She's a wonderful sister-in-law and aunt in every way, and to celebrate her we went out to dinner and then came back and ate some delicious chocolate cake with ice cream. Sorry for the not great pictures but this is where we just relaxed and watched the babies play.

 Hudson is so close to walking!
See? Amazing aunt right there.

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