Phone Time

Funny story, whenever I thought about letting Charlie using our phones I was against it. I believed that it would stunt his brain growth or something, which I'm sure there is some truth to that. But when it came down to it, the main reason why is because I didn't want people, specifically other mothers, to look down on me for letting my child play with my phone. I had it in my head that this was not a good "motherly" thing to do. And really, what does that matter what they think? IT DOESN'T! I just need to get over myself and be the best mom I can be, without the idea of what a perfect mom would do in my head. In the moms group I'm a part of we just read Christ in the Chaos and it really spoke to those struggles. It was a great read and I recommend it to any mom. Seriously. 
So here are some pictures of Charlie playing on my phone. 

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