Boise for the Weekend

Our weekend was quite busy, but very fun. We headed over to Boise on Friday and just got back yesterday. Andy took the test for the fire department and Charlie and I tagged along to make a mini-vacation out of it. I had never been and really had no expectations but it was really fun. We got to explore some of the downtown area and then Charlie and I went to the zoo when Andy took the test. I was a bit worried about staying in the same room as Charlie, we did attempt to put him in the closet but it was right next to the hallway so he woke up every time a door was shut. We ended up just putting blankets over his pack and play and he slept great. We had our box fan, the bathroom fan, and the ac on in the room so that we could watch tv. It was pretty fantastic. 
He was not a fan of the shower cap, but we just had to try it out.

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