Sometimes I don't feel like I have anything to say on here. So instead I'll just put up a picture of Charlie eating (that's really the best time to photograph this guy) and tell you what I've learned about baby clothes. Thrift stores are the way to go. Especially when you have a Value Village around and they do 50% off days every few months. The clothes (at this age anyway) are clean and adorable, plus they are usually $1 or cheaper. Bonus: if you are picky like me, then you don't have to buy a whole outfit just for the shirt or pants, because I usually only want one piece out of the three-piece outfit.
The second thing is that jeggings are awesome. They are comfy and absolutely the best thing to put on babies. I usually have to find them in the girl section and sometimes they do have pink accents but I just use a Sharpy and cover it up. About 75% of the compliments for Charlie are his jeggings (the rest is for that hair!). Now, some people do make remarks about skinny jeans on a boy, but I really don't care, so it works for me!

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