Boise Zoo

While Andy was busy taking his test, Charlie and I went to the Boise Zoo. It was awesome! It had been on and off rainy all day but the clouds peaked through so I decided to go only to be rained on 30 minutes later. But honestly, it was the best zoo trip ever. Nobody was there and we still saw pretty much all the animals (except for that tiger). But the best part by far was going into this "classroom" and the lions were right by the window! I love lions and it was the best to have the whole room to ourselves and marvel at these magnificent beasts. I danced around like a crazy person trying to play with them. I did get growled at three times and I jumped every time. It was awesome. This zoo trip was definitely for me, not really for Charlie, but he enjoyed watching the animals, I'd say the monkeys were his favorite.

You can see the red panda on the left and then the lions by our window

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