Nelson, B.C.

On the second day of our camping trip we decided to make a little trek up to Nelson, B.C. since none of us had been before. The camp ground was only about 20 minutes from the border so it's kind of sad that we never just drove up before. I had never been to this side of Canada, I've been to Nova Scotia and Winnipeg, but never the west coast so I was pretty stoked about it. It turned out that today was their Pride Parade and so either businesses were closed down for that or it was just Sunday, but most of the shops seemed to be closed, which wasn't too big a deal because we couldn't really go into any shops with all the kiddos. It would have been a massacre. But we did enjoy ourselves and walked through the main street and then down to the wharf. We were only there for a few hours but it was a nice excursion from camping.
Line loves a good statue and a good pose to go with it
Charlie is doing his good ol' cheers here
Not everyone went with us but all the kiddos did
We found a nice koi pond for the kids to marvel at
That belly button never stood a chance

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