MAC Visit

Last weekend we were able to go to the MAC with all our cousins and it was a very successful trip. Last time we went they were all babies and it was definitely easier to walk around the displays but this time they had kids activities and they LOVED them. Charlie was a huge fan of the Marble Works station, so were Hudson and Daniel. While the girls were very into the coloring, painting, and embroidering (so funny how different boys and girls are). They also had a button making station that the kids thought was the coolest thing ever. Mostly Charlie just liked watching the girl make them in the machine thing, no interest in them after they were made though, it'll be good for the save box, right?
Here is the link for last years visit.
The kids decided the best way to go down the stairs was backwards
 We call them the twins
 They were a little disappointed it wasn't a cartoon.
 Charlie is never sure about Hudson

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