Last week we were able to take a little baby-moon trip to Vancouver and it was just plain wonderful. We did bring Charlie with us, but we didn't mind having him, it gave us more to do. Without him we probably would have just stayed in the hotel watching HGTV all day, which doesn't sound horrible to me, but I'm glad that we did get out and do some fun stuff. One of the most fun things was actually to just walk to a local park and let him play. It had an awesome playground and I kind of wish we could go back to it in the summer because they had this amazing homemade creek for kids to play in. Charlie would be all over it. In fact, he already kind of was. 
Now that we're home and that Thanksgiving is tomorrow(!!!) I get to slave in the kitchen preparing some yummy food. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! (and maybe scores some great deals on Friday)

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