Park Time

The weather has definitely been chillier around here lately and this week it's supposed to get down to the 30s! Ah! Park days may be fewer and fewer but I think we'll still try and bundle up and get out of the house. Charlie loves going down the "lide" and climbing up the play structure any way that he can. I try not to help him so that he only does the ones that he can do on his own, but it sure does make me nervous. He mastered the two scary ones this trip and made some other parents nervous as well. One dad tried to help him at the top, but as soon as he tried Charlie stopped in his tracks and cried. He's a little emotional. He also cried when another child unzipped his sweatshirt. We're working on it though. Just more interaction, right?

The scary one is the one on the right. It's not a parents best friend, but the kids do love 'em.

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