Easter Egg Hunt '15

Here are the photos from the Easter egg hunt that we went to on the Saturday before Easter. A local church puts it on at a park for the kids. They are very organized and we enjoyed it last year so much that we came again this year. Charlie was pretty hesitant about the whole thing and only got a few eggs. But since then he has become obsessed with finding eggs. It helped while grocery shopping and on our trip over to South Carolina. You just had to ask him where the eggs were and he would look around and shout "yoo-hoo, eggs!" It was adorable and I kind of wanted to keep it up all year but he gave up after a while.
 They are all in the same age group for the search

 I'm pretty sure Arden got a few eggs herself...
 It's a little bit of a madhouse and the search ends in under a minute, but you get eggs!

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