Firefighter Day

A few weekends ago there was a "firefighter day" up at one of our local stations. They had all kinds of activities for the kiddos and they even had a helicopter land in the parking lot and then let the kids get inside! It was tons of fun and the kids got all kinds of free gadgets that will be thrown away in the next few weeks. One of my favorite parts was this combat challenge for the kids to go through and I wish that Charlie could have gone through that thing all day, because he loved it. First they had to climb up and down a ladder and then they crawled through this little tunnel and then it ended with them spraying water on "fire" in the windows. Very clever and I kind of want to make one for Charlie. The whole day was a get to know your fire department day and I'd say it was a huge success. And the free pizza and Starbucks had nothing to do with it ;)
Side note: Charlie was deathly afraid of Sparky and Smokey. Helicopters=awesome. Costume characters=no way.

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