Family Easter

Something that has absolutely nothing to do with these photos is that we decided to get Charlie some Nerf guns yesterday. And they didn't go super well. Charlie loves them, of course, but he also shot himself directly in the eye while trying to load it. Also he might of had a mark on his neck from when Andy accidentally shot him. It was a pretty successful evening.
On another note we've started to go on bike rides and Charlie really enjoys them. We've been going to our parks after dinner and just letting him run wild and get all his energy out. It's probably going to become our regular after dinner activity. Plus the closest park to us only takes a few minutes to bike to! 
So here are some photos from our family Easter get together. Enjoy!
Dying some eggs. Line's hair is also my favorite.
All of the kiddos got one of these flyers and they were a hit. If it didn't break right away.

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