Our New House!!!

We bought a house! We first started looking at houses at the end of June and this was actually the very first house we looked at! The selling point of this house was the three large windows to the backyard and the open-ness of the living room to the dining room and kitchen. We knew that we would be doing work to any house that we bought to make it ours, so it wasn't much of a deterrent when we looked at this house. After a long process of declines, acceptances, inspections, papers, loans, and a mess of other things we finally got the house! We got the keys on Friday, July 31st and got straight to work. Here is a daily list of what we did:
Day 1: Removed drapes and prepped for painting
Day 2: Painted walls in all first floor rooms
Day 3: Painted ceilings and trim 
Day 4: Continued painting trim and started pulling up carpet
Day 5: Finished trim and pulled up all carpets and linoleum
Day 6: Used adhesive removers, paint strippers, scrapers, and a whole ton of elbow grease to remove             all the glue from the floors
Day 7: Finished removing the glue and sanded edges of rooms
Day 8: Sanded all the floors
Day 9: Prepped floors  
Day 10: Put finish on the floors
Day 11: Painted bathroom, put up curtains, and re-seeded the yard

Andy and Liz are a powerhouse of a team and they knocked out these floors so fast. I am amazed at the speed of what they did. Seriously. Those floors were no joke and stripping all that gunk off of it was ridiculous. I don't think they'd ever want to do it again, but maybe they're proud that they did it once? Maybe?!? All I know is that I am SOOO thankful they did it! The floors look awesome and I can't wait to move in! So here are some before and during photos. After photos will be up when we've moved in!
Huge thanks to everyone for helping paint, watch our kids, or let us borrow kitchen utensils!!! We couldn't have done it without any of you!
 This is the front entry
 Living room/dining room
 Charlie's room
 Our room
 Backyard patio
 Pulling up of the carpets!
First pizza party! And you can barely see Charlie under the table

Pip decided to start army crawling the day we got keys
 All the laminate and glue is removed
In the nursery there was cork under the carpet and it was a beast of a project, but it looks so good now!
Left is halfway through the scraping and right is after it's been removed but pre-sanding
Just putting on the last coat and Pip slept right on through it

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  1. Amazing! Congrats on the house! That's exciting... The floors look AMAZING!