These photos were from a few weeks ago when we went on a park dinner date. Pip still loves the swing and Charlie still loves his pizza. On this particular night something quite different happened though. Charlie was willing to go home with strangers. It's really not as serious as that, there ended up being two older girls there playing and he was "playing" with them. Really he was just talking to them and trying to copy what they were doing while they kindly ignored him. He loved it. When it finally came time for the girls to go, Charlie was yelling at them to "wait for me!" when they were running to their car. It was kind of adorable. That still remains to be the only time that Charlie has ever wanted to go home with anybody.
In other news, we bought a house!!! We got the keys on Friday and have been painting non-stop for the past three days and are almost done painting! Painting is going to be the easy part though, we have linoleum, carpet, and cork to scrape off of our hardwoods before we can refinish them. It's going to be a project for sure. Good thing tomorrow is a rest day :)

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