Charlie, my boy!

This kid. Let me just tell you, he's great. I don't know why, but he LOVES when we lay on the ground and he can walk over and lay his head on you. He gets this huge smile on his face and chuckles as he waddles over. It is THE best. I still can't believe that his birthday is in a few weeks (sorry if I say this a billion times in the next weeks).
I'm trying my best to actually finish decorating his room by his birthday. I'm almost there, just a few small projects that really won't take any time, but I can't seem to just sit down and get them done. I'll do an "official" tour of his room when it's complete. Don't hold your breath though.
He's not the happiest of babies when he wakes up from naptime. But he's still adorable :)

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  1. He looks JUST like Andy from his baby pictures. Hilarious. That goofy grin gets me every time.