He's One! (and a week)

Not that it wasn't official yet, but I have a one year old son! Isn't that crazy?!? I know that nothing has changed, it's not like he woke up the next morning and was "older". But it's crazy to think that last year I was barely home from the hospital with this new frowny baby and I had no idea how this thing was going to work. It has definitely been an interesting year and I wouldn't change a thing, other than buying that peplum shirt that I've never worn, but overall it's been good to us. I am excited for all the new things that he'll learn to do, almost all of them anyways. I'm hoping that he'll start to say "mama" and "dada" soon. That's what I'm very much looking forward to right now.
Ugh, this kid. He's too much.

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