Christmas Eve

Growing up we had a tradition on Christmas Eve to open up one present and one present only. I really loved this tradition but when I got married to Andy, we switched to celebrating Christmas with his mom on Christmas Eve, which I love even more than just one present. And now it looks like we'll be celebrating our entire Christmas on Christmas Eve so that Pip can have Christmas all to herself. Or maybe we'll just do stockings in the morning? Who knows. We're trying to figure out this birthday Christmas thing before she gets too old and realizes that everybody gets presents on her birthday. This Christmas Eve was wonderful because there was tons of snow, tons of family, and tons of food to eat! Really, the best things for a good ol' winter celebration. The kids all went outside and played for a while and here are the photos to prove it!
Snow Angel!
These girlies just sat and enjoyed the ride :)
Not sure this ended well
Ben made an awesome sled hill, but only a few kids would actually go down it.

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