Pip's First Birthday Party!!!

We threw a little party for Pip's birthday on the Saturday after Christmas, and on that morning she fell and smacked her face on a coffee pot she was carrying around. As you can see, it was a pretty bad smack. It swelled up right away and she kind of looked like a character from Star Trek :( But she got over it pretty quick and was still our happy little girl. We had a bagel bar and cupcakes for people to snack on and it turned out to be very fun and very low key. 
But in all seriousness, I cannot believe that she is one (and a month as I'm writing this!). Since she joined us she has been nothing but a happy, sneaky baby. She is going to be a handful as she gets older, but she'll do it with a bit ol' grin on her face. I'm so excited for this next year because kids just get better with age, but also because 18 months is my favorite stage for babies! and also because I have Saltwater sandals that will fit her :)
Cousin Nora is getting chubbier and cuter every second.
This was our attempt at a staged group photo, we didn't quite pull off the nonchalant feel we were going for ;)
Ugh, she is the cutest.

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