Snow, snow, snow

Man, the snow this year is awesome! We had barely any last year and these photos were taken a few weeks before Christmas and there are still feet of snow in our back yard. We haven't actually been out to play in the snow since about Christmas, but it's sure pretty to look at. It has started to warm up during the day and then freeze at night, so there's a good layer of ice on most of it, but that still doesn't stop Charlie from eating it! Nope! He goes right for the dirtiest snow he can find and shoves it in his mouth, hoping that he can finish it before we spot him. I'm not sure what has gotten into him but he has been getting into so much stuff lately. He ate quite a bit of toothpaste (thankfully it was Pip's so its just the training stuff) and he has been trying to sneak stuff all the time! I'm not used to this and I'm not sure that I'm handling this well. Mostly because I think I scare him into not ever wanting to tell me the truth. Guess I'll have to work on that, or maybe I'll just have him watch some more Daniel Tiger and hopes he teaches him instead ;)
Back to the snow though. It is awesome and sledding hills are the bees knees. We made one in our back yard but these photos are from my brother's house where he made his own sledding hill. The older kids enjoy making snowmen, sled rides, and eating the snow while the babies just kind of stand there and watch. I think it's mainly due to the fact that they can't walk very well in their snow suits, but it does make for an adorable scene. We did pile them into a sled and run back and forth for a bit, which they seemed to handle pretty well :)
Our little love birds. Haha.
See what I mean? Pretty adorable, those two.

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