Pip's Birthday... and Christmas :)

Here are the few photos we took on Christmas/Pip's birthday. It ended up being a very relaxed day and we didn't really do much. In the morning we had a wonderful breakfast of this amazing cinnamon roll with bacon and eggs. Pip enjoyed the cinnamon roll immensely. We ended up opening all of our Christmas presents the day before so the only presents opened today were Pip's birthday presents. Charlie did get to open his stocking though, I think we'll do stockings in the morning and then the rest of the day will be for Pip. Still figuring it out, but I think that might be the future plan.
ANYways, for the rest of the day I went to Star Wars with my sisters-in-law while Andy hung out with the kiddos at home and then we had dinner at his mom's house, so it was a very relaxing, nice Christmas. Here are a bunch of photos of her enjoying her cinnamon roll :)
This picture is one in a series where the next shot is my arm pushing her finger away, it's pretty epic.
Charlie did enjoy the morning, I promise.

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