Birthday Picnic

I am officially in my mid-twenties! Twenty-four, baby! Oh yea! To celebrate we went to a local park and enjoyed a picnic with about 500 other people and listened to a local swing band play. The band was Six-Foot Swing and this was our third time seeing them perform, who doesn't love some good ol' swing music? We do, well, I do. It was relaxed and a fun time of hanging out with some family and friends. What a wonderful way to celebrate, don't you think? Although, I do wish my sister was here. Next year is our golden birthday and we are going to be together no matter what! We will make this happen!

 Andy ended up making our mason jars into to go cups and they worked great!
Charlie's reaction is great. I love it.
 Having a great time on Derek's lap.
I love me some Funfetti cake but I decided to try to make them from scratch using this recipe and they were fantastic! They were very close to the boxed version and nobody could tell the difference! I'm definitely going to be making these more.

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