Lion Head Part 2

I finally got the chance to upload some more pictures from our camping trip two weeks ago (and we are going camping again in a few days!). I did make some homemade graham crackers using this recipe but it didn't taste like graham crackers. They were ok, but more like chewy molasses squares. I think me and Line were the only ones who really liked them, well and Charlie.
Loves the toy basket the best :)
Andy is a master at making campfires, truly.
One of the foods that we have enjoyed has been hotdogs wrapped in crescent roll dough. The trick is to cook your hotdog first and then wrap it in the dough and cook again. I am never patient enough and so mine gets burnt. But it still tasted pretty delicious.
Camping bath time is the best. He thoroughly enjoyed himself.
We went down to Indian Head to walk some of their trails and it was a good way to get some energy out for Line (it was WAY too cold to swim).

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