Lion Head Part 1

I love camping. Can we just all agree that camping is fun? Charlie didn't even do the best but it was still awesome. It rained a bit and was too cold to swim but cards and campfires really make it worthwhile. We ended up just going with Becca and the girls because Ben was working, which we thought made it look like we were sister wives. Awesome. We have plans to go camping two more times this month and I am very excited. It can only get better, right?
Caging the crawling beast.
 Andy tells the best stories and Line just eats them up.
 Camp naps are the best.
It got really cold and windy for a few hours and I had to improvise for Charlie's hat. We loved it, he tolerated it.
Line fell in love with this plastic carrot. She chewed on it for hours. Not really sure why, but we made her say "whats up, doc?" a few times.

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