Seattle at the Grandparents

We drove over to Seattle for a wedding and stayed with Andy's grandparents in Kingston. They have a beautiful place right on the Puget Sound and they just added some more rooms for us to stay in! It was a very relaxing weekend with family. 
Maggie playing peek-a-boo. The cutest thing ever.
They had some pretty awesome vintage toys. This actually looked like a potato. I've never seen them like that before.
Little baby Santa.
They live right on the water and you can climb down. When the tide is far enough you can go crabbing! I've only been able to go once, but I think we're going to plan it for next year. 
This tree stump floated to the shore when Andy and Becca were kids.
This is the way down to the beach and it is right by their house!
Best. Face. Ever.
They had blackberries and they were quite tasty. A few sour ones, but pretty sweet for the most part.

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