Indian Creek Camping

Camping. Gotta love it. These pictures are from two weeks ago when we went to Indian Creek, which is just by Lion Head where we went before. This time we got to go with a bigger group, three of which were last minute add ons. Which I am very happy that they were able to join because they want to hold Charlie which gives me a break so I can swim! The water at Priest Lake was so great, it was nice and refreshing but not too cold. Perfection. 
 So this spectacle happened when Andy wanted a piece of rope that was tied up in a tree. This did not work, but it was great fun to watch.
 Finally Andy decided to shimmy up between two trees and got it. 
 He loves those sweet potatoes. Didn't at first, but he changed his mind.
 Auntie Liz 
 How cute is he?!?
 This face. He has been making it ALL the time and it is amazing.
 We decided to sit the cousins together and...
 ...it didn't last long :)

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