Hike up Stevens Creek

Our first family hike with just us. It was quite enjoyable. The hike was easy and pretty short, I think that it took us a little over an hour to do the loop to the top and back. The hike is kind of in an interesting area because there are farms all around it and then there is this area that is richly dense with trees. It was a nice surprise.
Charlie ended up doing pretty well in the Ergo this time. He lasted all the way to the top with the help of some bread bites. He was extremely tired though and I didn't think to grab his pacifier before we went up. Andy ended up just carrying him on his shoulders the way back. 
 Looks pretty comfy, right?
 I ended up having to go in front of him because Charlie kept trying to turn around to see me. 


  1. You can see where his teeth will come through! ��

    1. I know! They have looked like that for a few months now, but he is getting to the point where a tooth really should come through. We shall see!