Ahoy, Matey!

This week has been full. We've had play dates, regular dates, friends over for dinner, and gone to friend's houses for dinner and desserts. It has been good and refreshing to be around people and to start being in community again. It's something I've missed and am very excited to join again. I hope that we never stop striving to invite others in. So, on that note, have a great weekend!
 Those cheeks and dimples. What a cutie.
It was pretty entertaining watching these two as they tried to figure each other out.
Did you get some free doughnuts at Krispy Kreme yesterday? Charlie and Andy dressed up like pirates so we got two dozen, we gave one away and have been snacking on the other. They are just so darned tasty.


  1. Oh my word, those two look adorable together. Hooray for the next generation!
    P.S. I'm glad that you found his stripe-y shirt! :)

    1. I wondered if you'd remember about the shirt :)