Manito Park

Coffee and park dates are our go to things to do recently. Mostly because I just want to get out of the house and coffee can be relatively cheap, especially when you make your own iced coffee (which is the only way I'll drink real coffee). Manito Park is the best park of Spokane, it's HUGE and gorgeous. They have rose gardens, japanese gardens with koi ponds, splash pads, and a green house thing that is pretty fun to walk through. We used to hang out at Manito all the time a few summers ago playing frisbee golf and ultimate frisbee, now that was a fun summer. Falls are also fun here because you get to see the leaves changing colors, which seems like it will happen very soon. Yay for fall!
This little boy has the most adorable laugh. and smile. and face.
It was a bit windy so this park escapade didn't last too long.


  1. Two things. One being that Charlie and that cardigan were made for one another. Cutest thing on Earth. Second of all, in that first picture of Andy and Charlie, Charlie looks like baby you. Do you see it?!?

    1. I don't super see baby me in the first picture. But maybe that's because all I see now is Charlie? I'm not sure, Becca is always saying that Charlie is baby Andy but I don't see that either.